Saturday, May 12, 2012

Two Month check in

So, I've been using the Curly Girl (CG) method (no sulfates, no 'cones) for about two months now, and I decided it's time for a photo check in!

Here I am pre CG. At the time I was washing my hair with a no sulfate shampoo, but I wasn't using any conditioner. I would comb all the "tangles" (and, though I didn't know it, all the curl) out of my hair when it was wet, and then I would brush my hair when it was dry. I wouldn't look at it again for the rest of the day. As you can imagine, I hated having my picture taken, so it was hard finding any pictures of my hair from those days. Oh, and just to be clear, I'm not in my own house in this picture. I'm at a party. Yup, the hair you see in this picture is my fancy "party hair".

Here I am today. Still using sulfate free shampoo, but now I've added conditioner, aloe vera gel, and Spiral Solutions (SS) Curl Enhancing Gel and SS Firm Hold to the mix. Air dried, and then scrunched out the crunch with my hands. (Gently, since my curls disappear with a harsh word.) Herman, who you'll meet in the next picture, is on the other side of my head.

Here's a picture of my favorite curl. I've decided to name him "Herman". I used to not play favorites with my curls, but now I hope the other curls get jealous and try to earn names of their own :)

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