Thursday, August 23, 2012

When Your Hair Acts Up

I have a kind of "if...then" flow chart in my head for basic curly care. It goes something like this (but I'm looking for advice on tweaking it!)

If my hair is limp, then I check for over conditioning. 
If my hair is limp and it is not overconditioned, then I do a protein treatment.
If my hair is frizzy, then I add conditioning and/or remove drying ingredients. 
If my hair is frizzy, and I feel well moisturized, then I check the length of the frizzy hairs. Maybe it's just new growth showing up? 
If all else fails, then I do a sulfate shampoo and reboot.
If it's still not working, then I look at when I got my last hair cut :)
If it has been a reasonable time since a haircut, and I'm trying to grow out my hair, then I look for new techniques, because maybe the old ones aren't working with my longer hair anymore.

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