Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hair Type

I've been hanging out on naturallycurly.com for a while. It's a very informative site about how to make the most of what curl you have. People rate their curls according to one or two of many different systems. For example, according the naturallycurly.com system, I'm 2a or 3a. That means I have either wavy hair (2) or curly hair (3), and the "a" means that it's fine hair.

The Curly Girl Handbook by Lorraine Massey rates them by visual appearance as well. How much spring factor, and how much they curl. According to that system, I'm closest to being a Botticelli, or Cherub.

I mention this only as a starting point for the appearance of my hair. Mostly, when I need to find out what works best for my hair I focus on density (thin), texture (fine), and highly porous. My goals for my hair are (obviously) to be healthy. After that, I can't decide if I want volume (because my hair is both fine and thin) or if I want to develop my curl, so that I'm more firmly in the Botticelli camp. I'll add a "current status" picture this weekend. It will be my first PBC (Post Big Chop) picture :)


  1. Wow, thanks for telling me that. I never realised the 'a' was for fine.

  2. Well... I have to admit that most people don't treat the "a" as "fine". They use it to talk about the amount of curl. But when I read the directions, that's what it said to me, which is why I describe myself as 2a/3a when I'm talking about how much curl I have :)