Friday, April 13, 2012

No brush, no comb?

I stopped using a brush a while ago. It was making my hair a frizzy mess, instead of actually doing what I wanted a good brushing to do :) I switched to wide tooth comb only, but only dry hair, since I'd been told wet hair was so fragile.

Then, last month, I started using my comb in the shower, but only when my hair was full of conditioner. I would still comb my hair after it dried, because I couldn't Scrunch Out The Crunch (SOTC) enough, and it made my hair look wet or producty. (Some women can carry that look off. I am not one of them.)

A few days ago, I switched to only finger combing my hair in the shower (with lots of conditioner). I SOTC when it's dry, and maybe finger ruffle and/or finger comb to break the clumps and get more volume. So, this is my third(?) day with no comb and no brush. I think it's working great, but I don't think it would work unless your hair is super fine and super thin like mine.

But I could be wrong :)


  1. Hmm, I've been wondering about this. I think my hair dries in better curls if I don't brush or even comb, but the price for that is rough and frizzy canopy. The best compromise seems to be brush when very wet, but it gets rough again while applying product. I think that it may just be poor condition. Do have any issues with smoothing when you don't use a brush or comb?

  2. At this point, frizz makes me happy, because it gives me volume :) However, I was watching the videos over on the Jessicurls website, and she applies the products to sopping wet hair and also gently glazes over the top of the hair where it may frizz. Maybe you just need a gently glaze, rather than an actual application of product?